The Defence Line of Amsterdam

In a large ring around Amsterdam lie a number of fortresses and inundation fields (low-lying lands which can be flooded in the case of an enemy attack), built between 1880 and 1920: the Defence Line of Amsterdam. Along with the reclaimed lands of De Beemster, the Defence Line of Amsterdam is now included in UNESCO’s World Heritage List.

In the southwest corner of the Land of Leeghwater are six fortresses that belong to these former defence lines. It was, after all, possible to flood the land surrounding the fortresses. The website of the The Defence Line of Amsterdam has detailed background information on the entire structure and infomation about excursions etc. The Fortress at Spijkerboor, in the Land of Leeghwater, is one of the best preserved and most imposing of the 42 fortresses that are part of the Defence Line of Amsterdam. During the summer season there are a limited number of guided tours.
To complete the experience we recommend The Beemster Resort, located in Fortress at the Middenweg.