De Rijp

Leeghwater called De Rijp ‘the best village of Holland’. In the 17th century his birthplace was the most prosperous village of the former Schermer Island. It is still one of the most beautiful villages of the Dutch province of Noord-Holland and also forms the cultural heart of the Land of Leeghwater.

In the village there are nice restaurants, shops, art galleries and museums. In and from De Rijp many cultural activities are held, such as the book and art fair, the midwinterfest and the museum night. The old city hall (in Dutch: raadhuis) is a popular location for weddings.

The village of De Rijp is a good example of a Noord-Holland dike and polder village. Because of its architecture and typical lay-out, the village has become a Protected Village.

At the Tourist Information Centre (VVV) Graft De Rijp, find out all more about the many possibilities for a short or longer stay in De Rijp and the Land of Leeghwater. There are also a number of great package trips such as a village walk with an experienced guide, boat tours with a captain, and farm tours.