The farmer

The Leeghwater landscape, as we now know and appreciate it, is strongly linked to its custodian, the farmer. As a result of global developments, farming in the Land of Leeghwater is under pressure. Large-scale farming and/or an extra income through other uses of the landscape are needed for a healthy agricultural business. In the old days herring fishing and whaling made for a good wage, but today ‘catching’ tourism and selling home-made products on the farm are a more viable option.

In the Land of Leeghwater, enjoying the countryside is no longer limited to just driving through it. Over the last number of years, a variety of agricultural activities have been set up. Local tourist information centres (‘VVV’) can tell you all about this. The Agrarische Natuurvereniging Waterland (Agriculture and Nature Society Waterland) provides a wide variety of package trips.

Specialities from the Land of Leeghwater:
Beemster Cheese
Stompetoren Cheese
Messeklever Cheese
Farmhouse Cheese
Beemsterlant's Pig
Beemster Beer (Blonde and Triple)
Beemster wine
Beemster apple ande pear juice
Flour from windmill The Otter
Schermer destilled
Candy from Bram en Aagie