Day packages

On the page "excursions" all the posibilities for visits or guided tours are given.

Bustour from Amsterdam "Alkmaar, Cheesemarket and Windmills
In historical Alkmaar you will be given an insight into old Dutch market life. At the cheese market, with the cheese carriers in their historical costumes, you can get a real sense of ancient market life. Watch as the cheeses are piled high on the cobblestone square at Alkmaar Market. Learn about the old Dutch market way of life, where bidders traditionally compete by clapping their hands and with a stern clap the deal is sealed. Once a buyer has finished, men in white costumes carry the wheels of cheese to a 14th century Weigh House to tally the bill. 

After the visit to the cheese market drive to the village Schermerhorn with its famous old windmills. 
On the way back to Amsterdam travel via the medieval town of Edam to visit a cheese factory where the cheese is still made the traditional way.

Duration:4 1/2 hours. Starts at: 09.45 am. 
Period: every Friday 01-04-2011 till 03-09-2011
Source: www.lindbergh.nl

Package from Alkmaar: Schermer Windmills and more
Surprised visitors seeing the wonderful landscape of the Schermer for the first time often wonder at the panoramic views and sense of space.
The Schermer windmills dominate the view of this reclaimed land. Visitors to the Museum windmill can experience for themselves how a miller's family lived in the old days. If you book the ‘Other face of the Schermer' package, you will visit the windmill, but also a cheese farm, where you will be welcomed with coffee and biscuits and make your own cheese, lunch in a real village café and visit the Nic Jonk sculpture garden, where you will end your day with a drink.

Source: www.vvvschiereiland.nl