The Land of Leeghwater is particularly well suited to cycling trips. You can bring you're own bike or start at the bicycle rental stores in De Rijp, Alkmaar, Hoorn or Purmerend. The local tourist information centres (in Dutch: VVV) can give you lots of information about all the different options. On this site we will show you a few routes.

Herring and Hemp Route
The Herring and Hemp route takes you to all the former Schemer Island's historic sights. It tells you about the struggle against water, the rich seafairing life and about turning the surrounding inland seas Beemster and Schermer into dry land. There are exhibits and audiovisual presentations at different locations along the route.
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The 17th-century reclaimed lands are the focal point of the Leeghwater route. Experience the beauty and wide open landscapes of the Schermer and the world heritage site the Beemster. Also take in the UNESCO world heri-tage site the Defence Line of Amsterdam (in Dutch: de stelling van Amster-dam), and visit Jan Leeghwater's birth place, De Rijp, the windmills, the dome-shaped farmhouses and much more.
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